Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Camera

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I sure did! Santa brought me a brand new superzoom camera! The Fuji Finepix HS10 with a 30x zoom lens (up to 720mm). Great for birding! I couldn't wait to get a shot at the Belted Kingfisher that has been hanging daily at the local fish pen. My old camera just didn't have enough zoom to get in as close as I'd like. But with this new camera, I was sure to get up close. Today, I look down at the fishpen to see if my buddy was there, and what do I see? The fishpen has collapsed! The frame and netting above water level had fallen. Then this afternoon, I see two guys in a canoe, paddling with snow shovels while they broke the ice around the fish pen. That's something I'd never seen before, canoeing with snow shovels! They were able to get the frame off of the pen for repairs. So I'm wondering where my kingfisher friend is today? Then I see him, perched on our dock on the high dive frame. He loves that spot, but has been favoring the fish pen lately. With the fish pen in repair, his roosting spot was gone! Good for me though, because he is now much closer, and a perfect scene for my new camera!!! I rush to get it, and am happy to snap a few photos of my friend. I haven't ventured outside of the Auto mode with scene recognition. But after I got a few shots, I decided to try the multiple shot mode. Boy, oh boy, did it shoot 7 shots quicker than spit! Then I tried the mode that shoots 3 shots at closer zoom each time. I think I'm gonna like that mode. Since we are in the middle of a snow storm, almost blizzard conditions at times, my pictures weren't as clear as I would have liked. But they are certainly the closest shots I've ever gotten of a Belted Kingfisher!


  1. While showing these pictures to my husband, I recalled reading recently that the rust colored belly band distinguished the sexes, but couldn't recall which sex had the belly band. After looking it up in my "Field Guide to Birds, Western Region" by Stokes, I am somewhat surprised to say it is the female that has the rust colored belly band.

  2. Awww she is adorable Sherrieberrie :) She looks like a little rockstar! Congrats on your new camera =] Look forward to more pics!

  3. Thanks Jana. "She" is pretty darn cute. I've been calling it a "him" for awhile now. I'll have to think of a fitting name for HER!

    I can't wait to get more pictures to share either! Beau was kind enough to hang up new suet for me today, so my fine feathered friends will come visit. The snow isn't making for the best picture taking though.

  4. These are really nice pictures......awesome....
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  5. Are you saving your photos as JPEG?

  6. Thank you Birdnetting!

    Yes Jana, these are saved in JPEG. I haven't been shooting in RAW really, although my camera can do both.

    I have thought of a fitting name for our female friend... "Queenie" the Kingfisher!