Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tiny Egg Shell

I was on our beach a couple of days ago scoping out my flower beds, and noticed a small white object in the sand. I picked it up to examine it better, and it was a tiny egg shell, in two pieces. Nothing inside the little egg shell. Probably discarded by a mothering bird who was cleaning the nest for her new batch of chicks. The picture doesn't show how small it really is. It is not small enough to be a hummingbird egg. After doing some research online, I've decided it could very well be a Tree Swallow egg. Given the description and size of the egg and the location. There are several nesting Tree Swallows around here in the neighbors and my own bird houses and other 'nooks and crannies' of our homes. As I sit on my patio lately, one particular swallow flies right overhead down to the lake, and is a likely candidate for disgarding the tiny egg shell on the beach.

Here is an older photo of a baby tree swallow in one of my bird houses on my balcony. It's one of my favorites, and has been published in Birds and Blooms magazine!

Another picture of baby swallows waiting for mamma to feed them. Living in the neighbors 'nooks & crannies'.

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